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Art in your business

You may indicate what’s important in a painting: theme, colors, logo. We can also make an artwork by following an example. Large or small, everything is possible. Please contact us for more details.

Art for your corporate responsibility:

With LbethO Art’s artworks you automatically complete your corporate responsibility plan. Find out how we do this.

Art as business gift :

It is personal, sustainable, and it exemplifies an invaluable relationship. Art as a business gift is often truly appreciated.

And our handpainted art clogs as a business gift :

For more information look at our page handpainted art clogs as a business gift.

… and a colourful new year! :

When the days are getting shorter and colder, you can send your relations this Christmas a warm and personal gesture.

Corporate responsibility

As a company, it is interesting to buy an abstract/figurative painting from us. A big part of the profit goes to a charity cause that is determined in consultation. That can be a charity that is already supported by the company, or there is contact with the charity organization in another way. By this donation the relationship can be strengthened. The company can be positive in the spotlight thanks to this donation.

Charity we have supported to date:

  • Astrid Uganda Foundation
  • Butterfly Child Foundation
  • Foundation Masterpeace
  • Mee Dordrecht
  • Friends of lievensberg
  • ANBO for the project against elder abuse
  • Pink 50 +.

For more information, please contact us.

Holiday cards

Since 2011 Lbetho art has an annual holiday card activity to support charity.

Unlike the sale of the paintings we donate at the holiday card activity the total revenue to charity. That way, we want to contribute to a better and more livable world for vulnerable groups in our society.

From 100 cards is it possible to print your own logo (full colour) and text in the card.

Starting from 700 cards we can design your own card. You will get the original painting as a gift.Our goal is that we can give more and more money to charity.Our Christmas cards from earlier years are still available. We do not print a year in the cards, so you can send the cards for an unlimited period.

The art of relationship management

Ever considered to use your own artwork for improving your corporate image and getting a unique marketing tool to supSailing at sunsetThe sun is shining just for us.port your business?
Catch of the day We proudly present our celebrations: unique works of art, specially made for you!

How do we work: Creating your own celebrations.

Celebrations are small paintings (20x20cm) in a wooden frame. Let your customer collect them, and you have a customer loyalty program.

We offer an original opportunity to cherish and appreciate your business relations.

Our art works can support you to strengthen the loyalty of your customers, your staff and your business relations.

We create a design especially for you, according to your requirements.

In an artistic fashion we design your corporate logo or theme on canvas and thus creating original and unique pieces of art.

We also can make series, with mutual likeness, but still one of a kind objects.

A budget-friendly alternative, but not less beautiful and personalized, is creating a limited edition of a work of art.

An interesting opportunity if you want to give a unique present to your business partners or employees.

Affordable and distinctive:

Our pricing is very competitive if compared to ‘usual’ premium promotional gifts.

However, the impact of our celebrations creates an incomparable USP against your competitors.

Your very special and rewarded business partners receive a unique and special token of your appreciations. Our art objects are not a utensil having a standard logo on it, but Celebrations are long-lasting or maybe even eternal special gifts.

Our offer:

At the end of the summer season, many companies are making up their minds about the end of the year relations gifts. In our company Xelboo we can offer you more variety in relations gifts, like wooden shoes By Lbetho, the Delft Blue pottery of Royal Delft or the glass objects by Royal Leerdam

Want to know more?

Are you interested how our celebrations can help you to improve your corporate image?

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