Hand painted art wooden shoes

Hand painted art wooden shoes by LbethO

Our hand painted art wooden shoes by Lbetho are unique. Every wooden shoe is painted by hand. So there are similar shoes, but not exactly the same. Even within a pair of shoes, the shoe4466 - 002bew (Kopie)s differ from each other slightly. 4469 - 006bew (Kopie)

Order in different sizes.

All wooden shoes can be ordered in every size, from size 4,5 till size 13.5. The smaller sizes are not to wear, these are pure art. 4456 - 019bew (Kopie)If you order a pair of wooden shoes it is possible that colors and patterns are slightly different from the picture. It is handwork, so that is normal.


We are busy to paint the wooden shoes in all kind of colors and patterns.  We are working with the small sizes as an artwork. However all sizes can be ordered.  Give us 4468 - 010bew (Kopie)about one or two weeks to paint the wooden 4468 - 006bew (Kopie)
4468 - 002bew (Kopie)shoes, then the product is exactly according to your wish. You can also order the clogs in your favorite color.

4469 - 017bew (Kopie)Thus you can have a beautiful collection of unique clogs. As we continue to design new patterns and color combinations you can collect the shoes as long as you wish.

Wedding clogs and other special days

We make special wooden shoes for a wedding. As a gift for the bridal couple, but also as a gift for the guests to thank them for their presence and as a great souvenir of a beautiful day. See also our page Handpainted Weddingclogs and other special days.


Please visit also our webshop: www.xelboo.com. Besides the hand painted wooden shoes by LbethO we also have beautiful pottery in Delfts Blue by the famous Royal Delft and stunning glas art by Royal Leerdam in our webshop.

4469 - 009bew (Kopie)Relations gifts

We can make special hand painted wooden shoes to give a typical Dutch gift to your relations. We can translate your logo and colors in an artistic way and paint them on the wooden shoes, we do not use standard logo’s. On this way you have a unique piece of art for your special relations. And the costs are comparable to the price of a usual or standard gifts for your relations. For more information, see our page Handpainted art clogs as a business gift.