Newsletter Augustus

Newsletter August 2016
Even in the holiday-time, we are still very busy working on our new company  XELBOO BV. Starting up a new company is very intensive, so we don’t have a holiday yet, maybe later this year.

Fortunately we can enjoy summer time oin our forest we live in and daily we have relaxing walks between the work on XELBOO.

It is sad to see that the rabbits in our woods have a big problem. They suffer from a disease called Mixomatose. That is a lethal disease that effects only rabbits.

Once in a few years there is a breakout; only a few rabbits will survive, but later they will breed like rabbits to restore the population. And in a few years there will be a swarming crowd of rabbits in our garden again.

Exhibition in the business lounge of Hilton City Centre München.
The succesful exhibition in the business lounge of the Hilton Hotel in München is extended for another month. 

Zaanse Schans

This year the art square in the Keukenhof was cancelled due to special circumstances. The alternative was the Zaanse Schans, a location with traditional Dutch mills, old handicrafs, and lots of other interesting touristic topics. This event took place on Saturday August 20. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.
It was also the first time showcasing our art wooden shoesof XELBOO next to the Lbetho Art paintings.
Many people were interested in our products and many tourists were very enthousiastic about the art wooden shoes. We sold several paintings, so we had a succesful day.

Exhibition in Boxtel

At restaurant Molenwijk I have a big exhibition. This exhibition ends in September , so there is still time to visit the exhibition. Make use of the occasion to have a nice meal at this restaurant. The location is beautiful, in the midst of nature.


The last month we spent a lot of time to promote our webshop of XELBOO on Facebook. That had good results, we have now more than 1000 likes for our page and a good result on persons reached for our posts. Besides on Facebook we are also present and active on Twitter and Pinterest and in the short term we will be on Instagram. It is a lot of work, but Social media is very important for us.

The first reactions on our webshop are enthousiastic. People like our art wooden shoes and we have several orders already. Everywhere we show our art wooden shoes, people react without exception enthousiastic.

In addition to the Art wooden shoes we have also other typical Dutch art objects. We represent Royal Delft (Delfts Blue) and Royal Leerdam (Glass art) and we co-work with several artists in the Netherlands. We continue to look for new artists who can contribute to our assortment. Everything we sell in XELBOO is handmade, and/or handpainted in Holland. So it is Art with a big A.


Due to all the activities to launch XELBOO BV we did not make much progress with the publishing of our booklet with the adventures of Randy. After all, we cannot do all at once, and the last months we spend all of our hours to XELBOO BV.There are still a few issues to solve. The plan is to publish our booklet at first in US and China.

Of course, we will keep you posted on the publishing of this booklet. It will be a children’s picture book. Below a picture of Randy.


New work

The exhibition of my recent work from the series  “No strings attached” (9 paintings) is now showcased in the Hilton Hotel in Dusseldorf for a month.
See also the film on Youtube:

Plans for the rest of this year

After ample thoughts we have decided to partiipate in Basel Art in Miami. This time we showcase our art in a shared booth with a German Gallery. We will showcase 2 large paintings some Celebrations and a selection of art wooden shoes.
So we will be in Florida from the end of November till half December. We will use the time there to make appointments with prospects in Miami to expand our sales possibilities. And of course we will also enjoy a few days in the sun in Key Largo.
In September we will also participate in the prestigieus RIAF (Rotterdam Internationaal Art Fair) in the beautiful Laurenskerk in Rotterdam on September 9 and 10. We will showcase there our Celebrations and a selection of art wooden shoes.

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