Newsletter January 2015

Newsletter January 2015

The winter is not really starting up! Occasionally, there is a bit of snow or frost, but overall the weather is rainy and unstable. Before spring begins, we already have made many plans to be present in various exhibits.

Especially we want to be prominent present at the major art fairs in New York, Vancouver, Monaco and Miami.

I hope that my wrist injury will heal at last, so I can work normally again and pain free.


Den Bosch

This year the first exhibition is in Den Bosch at the Gallery Grang de Pau. This is a group exhibition in which all artists exhibit 4 work and a life story.Den Bosch 3


The works I’m showing there come from my series “Just a perfect day” and “And now there’s music” these are works that are typical “Lbetho Art”. Because every day is a beautiful day and we should enjoy them. Sun, cheerful and colourful, this is how I prefer to see my days. The Sun in my heart and music in my head. Furthermore, the sound of silence in the woods and happy bird whistling.



Upcoming exhibitions


From April 17 till July 10, I participate in the Biennial Arts in Gallery Kunst aan de Kade 2015.


Rivas Gasthuis

In April/May I have a solo exhibition. I have set up a major retrospective collection at the Rivas guesthouse in Dordrecht.


New York

With one of our agents we agreed that they go to New York for us during the ArtExpo New York from April 23 till 26. We hope to be there as well for the weekend, those are the most busy days of the art fair.


Lisse Keukenhof

From April 29 till May 3 like every year we participate in the Arts Square on the Keukenhof (the famous flower bulb show in Holland. It’s a very nice art fair with a lot of international visitors. Circa 50 artists show not only their work, but they will also create a ‘ live’ painting on the spot. It looks like Montmartre in Netherlands!



From May 21 till 24 is the time for Art Vancouver. I got an invitation for this art fair during the Spectrum Show in Miami. This fair is held for the first time and opens doors and possibilities to more international markets. Vancouver is the gateway to Asia!



We have been invited to Art Monaco. The curator of the show has seen our work on the Spectrum Show in Miami and would like to show our art in Monaco.

It is a very exclusive art fair, with an exclusive international audience. This show is from July 9 till 12.


The first half year of 2015 is pretty firmly filled with exhibitions and art fairs.


In addition, we have also received an invitation for a solo exhibition in New York, at a gallery on the Lower East Side. This is the new and very trendy Gallery district. This exhibition will probably take place in 2016.

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