Newsletter July 2015

In Holland, we still are enjoing the nice summer. During Arte Monaco, that was held in the first week of July, the weather was tropical hot. ,We have brought some sunny days back to Holland. After the Art Fair in Monaco we took a few days of to enjoy the lovely weather.

We have several exhibitions on the agenda for the second half of this year. During the summer period, we are making plans for the rest of this year. Besides working on exhibitions I also make more time to set free my imagination for new art works. And of course we are following up the leads we acquired during the different exhibitions we did this year so far. Despite the hectics days I have created a new painting. It is called “Daisy, my dear” Because this painting is different from my other artwork, I would love to hear your opinion.

Recently some paintings came back from a longlasting exhibition. These are works from my first series “African dreams”. These paintings are for sale, having a special summer price of € 500,-

I will send you the pictures of these paintings if you are interested.



The exhibition in Monaco was dissapointing. it appeared that the location had changed only one month before the opening day of the fair. The original location in the Grimaldi Forum was top notch; near the beach, places to go out and the casino.

The new location was next to the heliport and the football stadium, which is definitely not a suitable location for art lovers. The show was set up in a tent, without any catering; the airco was very insufficient. It was very hot (over 35 degrees C) and we only welcomed just a few visitors.

Nevertheless, we had time to connect with several nice business contacts and galleries. We believe these are promising leads towards end user sales.

Art Fair of Noord Brabant

At the end of June I have had an exhibit on the Art Fair of Noord Brabant in Lithoijen, organised by the local Gallery Sous-Terre. During this art fair, I have worked on a new diptych. I expect finishing this new painting shortly.

 Upcoming and current exhibitions

Den Bosch Gallery Grang de Paul

The exhibition “The Last Supper” will end at August 3.

Restaurant De Waag in Boxtel (Markt 32)

At this restaurant a exhibition is set up in the first week of June. This time my works with 2 other artists are showcased. This exhibition runs till September.


On Saturday August 1 I will join the Art Fair in Willemstad. The location is at the historic Mauritshuis. Besides showcasing my paintings overthere, I will also do some “ live-painting” during this event. Usually visitors enjoy seeing how my paintings are created.


We had a very busy first half year of 2015 with several exhibitions and Art Fairs. The flipside is that I did not have much time to work on new paintings.

We still receive many invitations for several Art Fairs and exhibitions. We have to be very selective and have to decide which activities will fit in our calendar.

Some of our plans for the rest of this year are final:

As we did for the previous years, we will exhibit in Miami during Basel Art. This world famus events is held from December 2 till 6

The booklet based on our paintings is developping step by step.. It gives me a lot of inspiration for new paintings that will fitt perfectly in the story.

Our plans in China are progressing as well, but we need to be patient for the results. We are optimistic and full of confidence for our Chinese adventure. The booklet we are working on wil play a majour part in this adventure.

We hope to give more information about the Chinese developments in our next newsletters.

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