Newsletter September October

It is autumn.  The summer has said goodbye, but still during the day it is most of the time lovely weather with lots of sunshine. To be honest, I do not like the autumn storms and rainy days, but it is part of the deal. The autumn is also a beautiful season with stunning colors, so we are going to enjoy the season. Like we enjoy everyday in our woods.
The mornings in our woods are still beautiful. The sun is shining through the trees and sets the forest in light.
You can see the spider webs very good when the sun is shining early in the morning. Although I do not like spiders, it is beautiful to see their webs, in the sunshine those are real masterpieces.

The international art fair in Rotterdam was a great succes. It was very crowded, we had a terrific spot in the middle of the beautiful Laurenskerk and there was a lot of enthusiastic reactions on our art work.
We spoke to a lot of viewers an we made some good contacts and leads.

EXhibition at  PEPPELHOEVE St. Oedenrode

Sunday September 25 was de opening of the exhibitie at the Peppelhoeve. It was a beautiful day and all the artists who were showcasing their work were there to paint, or sculpt. I did too. It was a very nice day and I enjoyed being there and talk to a lot of enthusiastic public
The paintings I showcase at the Peppelhoeve are different from my  “normal” paintings. I assumed that the public that comes to the  Peppelhoeve (a  garden centre) is more interested in flowers and plants than in my abstracts.
Below is the making of a new work, that I started at the Peppelhoeve, in three different stages of work. This is part of a new series named “Seasons” and this painting is named  “The four seasons”

Zo ziet het uiteindelijke resultaat eruit: "The four seasons"

Xelboo is doing fine. We are very busy promoting the branches and our art work. We went to Amsterdam to make a few promotionfilms and pictures. In the meanwhile orders are floating in. So we do something very good.
At this moment we are busy to address the business market. There is a lot of interest in our relations gifts there.
As you can see in the pictures we made, we are also preparing for the christmas gifts.

For the second time since the start of Xelboo, I made a stunning wedding gift for the happy couple. A beautiful recollection of a great day.


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