Newsletter September/October 2015

Fall season has started in Holland. The leaves of the trees are turning into Indian Summer coulors in beautiful red en yellow, and all sorts of  mushrooms are popping up.  Hundreds of acorns are falling from the oak treas, providing a feast meal for many  wild animals in the forest.

The fall is a beautiful season. When the weather is  dry and sunny, the woods look  like a fairytail. We enjoy watching all these miracles and vibrant colors.

RelatieZ fair in Utrecht
This year, we have participated the RelatieZ fair.  This fair is focussing on relations gifts. For us, this was a new challenge being an exhibitor for the first time for this fair. For the many visitors of this fair it was a first familiarisation of our works. Our Celebrations are very different from the usual wine- and christmas gifts. Sometimes, it needs some explanation, but the visitors were very enthusiastic about our art and the way we want to market it. We have met some promising prospects and on a short term we will elaborate on business opportunities.

Art route Boxtel
On October 3 and 4 I participated in the art route Boxtel. Both days had  beautiful weather and many visitors. There was a lot of interest for the beautiful art that was shocased by us and  fellow artists.
I exhibited some new paintings and I made some new paintings there as well.

Hilton Hotel Copenhagen
Untill the end of October I have an exhibition in The Hilton Hotel in Copenhagen. In this vibrant hotel businesspeople and tourists can enjoy the paintings by Lbetho.  
Business centre St. Oedenrode
Untill the end of January 2016, I have an exhibition in the business Centre in St.Oedenrode. This is a small centre to facilitate knowledge,offices and meetingrooms for entrepreneurs and businesses in the surrounding of St. Oedenrode in the Southern part of Netherlands. ​
Gallery Grang de Paul in Den Bosch (the southern part of Netherlands)
In Gallary Grang de Paul I participate in a group exhibition that is called “Intended pure art”. This exhibition will run from November 22 till January 3. I will showcase some early work paintings for a special price. .

Boca Basel in Boca Raton Florida
On November 10 I will participate in a great show with the Excell Auto Group in Boca Raton Florida. This will be an exciting evening full of art, fashion and painting a Lamborghini. The Excell Auto Group deals in exclusive cars like  Ferrari and Lamborghini. The evening is organised in cooperation with our agent in Florida. I will showcase several paintings, and I made a special painting for this event: “As fast as I can with maximum horsepower”.

Miami 2015
We are already very busy preparing for the Basel Art in Miami during the first week of December. December seems still far away, but time flies.
We have to make sure that everything is up and running before the show starts.The painting on the right is a new work that  will surely be showcased in Miami
Nieuw werk
I am working on new series. We have many  exhibitions at hand that are showcasing current artworks. On the other hand, I have so many paintings in my head, that needs to come on canvas.

The painting on the left is an example of a new series that I started. It is completely different from my “regular” work and I am very anxious to hear the response on these paintings. I showcased some of these paintings in Boxtel and the visitors were very enthousiastic about it.

This painting is called “And so they danced all night”

Other news

  • I participate in a competition “painting of the year”, with the painting below. Everyone can vote for a painting they like most. Do you want to vote for me?, It is easy:
  • (click on  fill in your mailadress and
  • mark the last square, click on “verder” and you get a link in your mailbox. Click on this link and then in the website on the last round and then another time on “verder” .
  • This year again I made a beautiful christmas card, see the picture below. The cards can be ordered from 10 pieces per order or more. The price is €1,50 per card including an envelop and VAT, excluding delivery costs. There is no text in the card, so you can put in your own text. For more information see my website:
  • From the beginning of October we have hired a salesmanager in Netherlands, his name is Robin Vierwind. Robin is an experienced salesmanager and he can be reached on Robin will start focussing on selling our relations gift to corporate clients.

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